About Us

WeChatAdvertising.com is operated by Nanjing Marketing Group, a Canadian/Chinese company that has provided Chinese digital marketing services since 2008.

One place to learn about WeChat ads

WeChat is not quite like any of the Western social platforms. It can be confusing for people who haven’t used it much before.

So we created WeChatAdvertising.com to make it easier for non-Chinese companies to understand how WeChat’s ad system works, and whether it’s right for them.

We’ve run hundreds of successful marketing campaigns on WeChat, Baidu and other Chinese platforms

Nara Bi

General Manager

“I’ve worked in Chinese social marketing since 2013.”

Shirley Chen

Social Marketing Manager

“I run integrated campaigns on WeChat for schools and businesses.” 

Tait Lawton


“I built Nanjing Marketing Group to make it easier for your business to succeed in China.” 

Phoebe Yu

Advertising Optimization Specialist

“I’ve run Chinese ad campaigns generating over $1B in total sales.”