WeChat Advertising Support & FAQ

Our goal is to help you understand WeChat advertising so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Running WeChat ads can be tricky for non-Chinese businesses due to language, cultural, and internet policy challenges. Fortunately, we can offer workarounds for many (but not all) businesses.

Not always. A Chinese business is not required if your industry is on WeChat’s approved list. The industry requirements are listed here. It’s in Chinese but don’t worry, you can contact us and we will help to confirm.

The initial investment amount used to be 50,000 Chinese Yuan (CNY), but it’s now a much more affordable 7,000 CNY.

At Nanjing Marketing Group, we accept wire transfer (SWIFT), ACH, EFT and SEPA, as well as credit cards. There is a 1.5% fee for credit card payments.

Industries that cannot advertise on WeChat include illegal activities, virtual currency, overseas medical treatment, tobacco, cosmetics, overseas real estate and investment, and schools not recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education (such as overseas junior high schools and high schools). More info on industry requirements are listed on this page in Chinese.

This depends on your target audience. In most cases, we recommend using Chinese unless your target users are English speakers in China or overseas individuals.

We will share a visual report with you, in the report you can see the results for your ads, including leads, clicks, impressions and more.

If you’re managing WeChat ads yourself and speak Chinese, WeChat’s back-end is a great place to view results.

If you don’t speak Chinese, or you want to view reporting data from multiple sources, you should find Nanjing Marketing Group’s reports in Google Looker more useful.

  1. Your industry requires more documentation which you can’t provide.
  2. Your industry has become restricted.
  3. You published WeChat articles that are not related to your main industry.
  4. You haven’t published any articles at all. We recommend you publish 2 WeChat articles that are related to your business or industry.
  5. You used the business license of a Chinese partner to apply. Most commonly, this causes a problem if the advertising company and partner company are in different industries.

To open a WeChat Moments advertising account, you first need to have a verified WeChat Official Account.

To speed up the setup process, it helps to have at least two articles posted via your Official Account. This helps WeChat understand your business better.

If you can read Chinese, that’s great.

If you can’t, you’ll probably need the help of an agency like ours to help you create ads, and maybe create articles for WeChat too. We can provide English translations of the ads/content to be published.

We usually direct users to a landing page or form on WeChat. These usually provide the best results if your goal is to generate leads or build followers.

Alternatively, we can also redirect them to a landing page on your official website (if you have an ICP License).

It takes 7-28 work days depending on your situation.

If you already have a verified WeChat Official Account with your Chinese business license, it usually takes 7 work days.

If you have a verified WeChat Official Account with your non-Chinese business license, it usually take 14 work days.

If you don’t have a WeChat Official Account yet, it will first take about 14 work days for us to set up an account for you.

No, but there are some benefits to having an ICP License.

With an ICP license, WeChat ads will allow you to use your official website as a landing page (the company ICP license for the website must be the same with your WeChat official account verified information).

We often do not recommend linking to your website anyways. Instead, we can create an HTML5 landing page within WeChat. From that page, users can submit a form, jump to your WeChat official account or connect to your customer support.

Yes, it is possible, but it requires proxy authorization.

Possibly. Here are some things you’ll either require or might want to have.
– A WeChat Official Account that is eligible to advertise.
– Ability to read Chinese. WeChat’s advertising interface is in Chinese.
– Ability to manage ads very well. Advertising is competitive, like a sport.
– Ability to pay. It may be possible for you to pay WeChat directly. In practice, the billing methods don’t line up with every businesses’ purchase processes.

WeChat now allows overseas entities to add foreign users as admins.

To become the admin,

  1. You need to verify a WeChat Personal Account with real-name authentication.
  2. Link your WeChat personal accounts to an overseas bank card.

After the two steps, you can use the WeChat personal account as the WeChat official account admin. This ensures better control and streamlined integration for global brands on WeChat.

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