How WeChat Works

Over one billion people use WeChat! It’s a “super app” that includes a messenger, friend feed, mobile wallet, branded “Official Accounts”, short videos and much more.

WeChat offers various advertising options that allow advertisers to reach users based on their demographics and interests.

WeChat works together with other agencies to provide support to advertisers. is run by Nanjing Marketing Group, a company incorporated in Canada & China that provides a full suite of ad buying and content marketing services for Western companies.

The WeChat Account Setup Process

The account setup process works as follows:

  1. You contact us to discuss via email or meeting
  2. Once we have the required information, we’ll provide you with our advice, as well as a proposal and invoice.
  3. You accept the proposal, send payment, and send us a digital copy of your certificate of incorporation and other required documentations.
  4. We will prepare an official translation of all the documentations including the certificate of incorporation, then submit the application to WeChat.
  5. You should support us with some additional work, such as writing an introductory paragraph or sharing additional requested documentation. (Required documentation varies per industry and country.)
  6. We will finish the account setup administrative work.

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